Marketing Promotions

The event will be supported by multi-channel marketing strategies with specific visitor target.

Press Conferences, Press Releases, Advertisements and Articles in newspapers, weekly magazines and industry publications.

Media Partners & Associations
The event is partnered with relevant publications and associations.

Blogging & PRs Online Media
Press releases and blogs in popular portals and social networking sites as well as an event website.

Outdoor Media
Billboards in strategic sites as well as distribution of thousands of leaflets all over Kuwait.

Direct mailing and e-mail shots to industry professionals in our database as well as targeted VIP invitations.
*Special invitations will be sent to local, regional and international decision makers.

Radio & TV
Radio spots to effectively raise awareness about the event and live TV coverage to reach targeted audience.

SMS & Fax campaigns

A dedicated website with Sponsors, Supporters and Media Partners logos

Database Research
Contact details of over 2000 industry professionals.

A team of telemarketers are assigned to promote the event covering across industry and geographical profiles.

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